46 West Street Oxford OX2 0BH

11 May 2021

Replacement of windows to front elevation.

This application is in Osney and is for replacement of all the windows not just those to the frontage and the heading is therefore misleading. The applicant proposes to replace those in the front in timber which they say will be to match existing. However without drawings of the existing it is not possible to evaluate the impact the new timber sections will have on the historic environment. This is an ongoing problem when considering reducing heat loss from traditional windows but with care it is not insurmountable as we showed in a listed building in Brewer Street. It is not cheap however. As the OAHS say, repair is preferable and there are tradesmen available for this work. The replacement of wood windows with UPVC, as OCS has always said, is unacceptable in Osney. Liz Wooley on behalf of OAHS, has written a fulsome piece recommending refusal which I feel we should support. Recommendation:- REFUSAL