21 Temple Street Oxford OX4 1JS

23 February 2021

Erection of a first-floor rear extension with provision of access. Insertion of 1no. window to rear elevation.
It is understandable that the proprietor of this restaurant wishes to install kitchen capacity to service public demand for delivered hot food during the pandemic. Such demand is likely to continue after the pandemic is over. However, this restaurant is in an overwhelmingly residential street and we are concerned that the constant noise of motorcycles and other traffic coming and
going between 4 pm and midnight will cause serious disturbance to the residents as well as increased pollution. In addition, we are not convinced that the proposal that the fumes from the
kitchens will be carried by the existing exhaust system will be adequate. There will certainly be a significant increase in the output of fumes once the restaurant itself has reopened. We recognise that this proposal will create jobs. However, a balance needs to be struck between this and the effects on the local neighbourhood. We therefore suggest that among the conditions attached to any consent, the opening hours should be changed to between 2pm and 10 pm and we also propose that detailed information on the adequacy of the fume extractor system is obtained before consent is given.