1-2 Land To The Rear Of Collinwood Close Oxford OX3 8HS

15 January 2021

Erection of a single storey building to create a 2 x 1 bed and 1 x 2 bed dwellinghouse, Provision of car parking, bin and cycle stores.

These are well-designed, if tiny, dwellings.  In other circumstances they might be acceptable, but on this particular site they represent overdevelopment:  a potential 7 residents (even if 3 of the 4 bedrooms are shown with single beds) will be at the end of a narrow pathway down which emergency vehicles cannot get access to them.  In addition, 1 and 2 Collingwood Close, on the same site, have been made into 4 flats already.  In an area where the ability to park is already very much challenged for current residents:  one parking place is proposed for the two-bed dwelling, but this seems unlikely to suffice? Permission was given in 2019 for one dwelling.  The Design and Access statement declares that this would allow only ‘insufficient development’.  We disagree, and suggest that this application be refused and the 2019 plan implemented (described in the same statement as going to their ‘fallback’ position, showing that this course has already been anticipated.