Redbridge Park And Ride, Public Convenience Abingdon Road Oxford OX1 4XG

30 January 2021

Installation of EV charging infrastructure including charge points and solar canopies and associated reconfiguration of existing parking bays and vehicle circulation arrangements. Erection of an electricity substation and installation of underground electric cabling, ducting and security cameras. Relocation of cycle racks and salt stores and alterations to landscaping and pedestrian access. (Amended description).

We warmly welcome the scheme for 20 rapid and ultrafast chargers from 50 to 150 kW units, 30 fast 7 kW chargers, huge battery backup and covers over the bays carrying solar panels. We hope that the following points will be carefully considered.

  1. Vehicles not able to charge at a rate of at least 50kW should not be allowed to use the fast charging facility so as to prevent prolonged occupation of those charging spaces.
  2. Consideration should be given to the next generation of EVs now coming on the market that are capable of charging at much greater speeds than 150kW.
  3. Pleasant on-site refreshment and toilet areas should be provided.
  4. Measures are needed to prevent non EV vehicles, and those EV vehicles not requiring charging from blocking charging spaces.
  5. The combination of parking charges and charges for electricity use must not be a deterrent to EV users. Some EV users may need to visit the site for half an hour or so to recharge and continue their journey.
  6. Ease of use of the facility will be important, together with a variety of simple, modern payment methods to satisfy consumers’ preferences that do not require signing up to company RFID cards.