32 Burton Place Oxford OX4 2RQ

18 December 2020

Change of use from a dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) to a house in multiple occupation (Use Class C4). Provision of car parking and bicycle stores.

This is a highly problematic application for an HMO owned by a charity for homeless people, and so, of course, much needed. There is great opposition in the surrounding streets due to the history of the previous occupation with a 7-year absent landlord, chaotic overcrowding, 24/7 noise and parking, total neglect of gardens (neighbours have themselves  tried to tidy up), unfinished building, most neighbours elderly and vulnerable, often on their own, in small 2-bed houses etc etc.  The community is frightened for its neighbours, its privacy, parking in front of their houses so that they cannot exit in a car, etc etc.  There are two parking places on the site plan, but the form states that they are going to stipulate no parking.  There is no way through the house for bikes from the storage unit in the garden.  In addition; 2 upstairs bedrooms have no access to a shower, just a bath.  There is going to be no warden or supervisor, although site visits will be made by the charity. More work needs to be done in negotiations between the Council, the charity and the neighbours before permission is given.