Land At The Junction Of Hosker Close And Merewood Avenue Oxford Oxfordshire OX3 8EG

18 December 2020

Erection of 1 x 2-bed dwellinghouse (Use Class C3). Provision of car parking and relocation of footway (amended description).

May we point out that for accuracy the current application is for a 1×2 bed dwelling and not a 1×1 dwelling as it frequently appears in the supporting documentation. This must be corrected. OCS commented on this application on 17 November. There is nothing in the amended description that persuades us that this development should be approved. We note the objection to the proposals from the Oxfordshire County Council Transport Officer. This reflects our own concerns and our objections to approval remains. The location of bin and cycle store appears (from the drawing) to be in private gardens at the rear of no. 29. Merewood Avenue.  This could not be deemed a permanent arrangement as the agreement is between the applicant and the present owner of no. 29. Such arrangements are liable to lapse when there is a change of ownership and the applicant should find a more permanent arrangement for bin and cycle store. For all the reasons we outlined in our letter of 17 November, and taking into consideration those of OCC  Transport and the large number of local objections, this application for the development on land what was community space should be turned down.