228 London Road Headington Oxford Oxfordshire OX3 9EG

19 October 2020

Application seeking prior approval for the Change of Use from guesthouse (Use Class C1) to a mixed use of guesthouse (Use Class C1) and hot food and takeaway (Use Class A5).

20/02268/FUL | Erection of a single storey rear outbuilding (part retrospective) | 228 London Road Headington Oxford OX3 9EG
OCS has viewed both these applications as they are inextricably linked. We have some concerns relating to this application which fails to provide sufficient information vis a vis the restaurant/takeaway element. There is no information relating to the number of external covers using the ‘hot food and takeway’. It also fails to indicate if the proposed ‘Orangery’ in the garden is to be used as a spillout for the extra customers (non-residential guests) who book for the restaurant. Further information is necessary in order to adequately assess the impact of this application on the neighbouring properties, given the proposed opening times for the new facility and the potential increase in traffic associated with the takeaway facility.