67 Donnington Bridge Road Oxford OX4 4BA

6 October 2020

Change of use from dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) to House in Multiple Occupation (Use Class C4). Provision of bin and cycle storage to front garden and parking for 3No. vehicles with access from Freelands Road.

The proposal is to change a 5 bed dwelling to a 6 bed HMO. All bedrooms are en suite and range from 8.5 sqm to the largest being 11.5 sqm.  The shared community space (kitchen dining room) is 26sqm – this seems small for a potential occupancy of 6+ residents – but falls within the regulations. There is no indication on the proposed floor plan how the community space, in particular the layout of the kitchen, is to be equipped. Cycle and bin provision will be in the front garden (facing Donnington Bridge). Parking is proposed via access from Freelands Road.  The application form states only 1 parking space, yet the drawing includes a further two – these are attributed to ‘2xparking for new flats’.  Is there another application which should be cross referenced with this one? The DAS does not throw any light on this statement. ‘The proposal includes removing the rear garage and providing 3 car spaces in lieu of the majority of the rear garden. 1 of these spaces will be retained and assigned to the HMO whilst 2 will be assigned to the adjacent flats.’ There are a number of elements to this application that must be clarified before any decision is taken.