53 Western Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX1 4LF

16 October 2020

Formation of access to basement. Insertion of 3.no windows to front elevation.

From the section drawing provided with the Flood Risk Assessment forming part of this application, the headroom to the existing basement is 1692mm. The Flood Risk Assessment refers to the lowering of the basement floor (as described on the earlier, withdrawn application reference 19/02417), but this application makes no reference to this. It is thus unclear what the true intentions of the applicant are; in any event, planning consent should not be granted to the change from “general-use” of the basement and the creation of a bedroom, games room and shower room, with headroom not complying with minimum requirements of Building Regulations. The Flood Risk Assessment refers to an assessment by Oxfordshire County Council of a risk of groundwater flooding as between 50% 75%, but fails to discuss the effects of this at basement level. It also makes reference to the conversions of basements to several adjoining properties, but fails to point out that there is variation in ground floor levels, such that basement headroom is significantly greater, without excavation having been carried out. We would urge refusal of this application.