1 Hillsborough Road Oxford OX4 3S

9 September 2020

Change of use from dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) to a larger house of multiple occupation (Sui Generis). Conversion of games room to habitable space. Provision of car parking, bin and bike stores (amended description).

The outbuilding referred to in the application was erected under permitted development. We consider that it is unsuitable for use as permanent accommodation by tenants who are effectively each in separate households within the HMO. The kitchen provision is in the main house with no covered access from the outbuilding, and provision of a covered walkway would be unacceptable in this size of garden. Living conditions for the tenants would therefore be substandard. To provide a kitchen in the outbuilding would turn it into a second housing unit which would be equally unacceptable in this location. The conversion of the garage into a second kitchen will reduce off road parking provision for a large HMO. We urge rejection of this application.