1 Acer Walk Oxford Oxfordshire OX2 6EX

17 December 2020

Conversion of electricity substation to 1×1 bed
dwellinghouse (Use Class C3). Single storey extension at second
floor level with associated 2no. rooflights to rear elevation, 3no.
rooflights to front elevation and doors to the side elevation.
Alterations to existing fenestration (amended description)
(amended plans – second floor terrace relocated from south
elevation to north elevation).

The Civic Society is of the opinion that the proposal is a very successful repurposing of
the early 20c Electricity substation into a 1 bedroom dwelling. The imaginative design
should provide small but very satisfactory accommodation.
We agree that although the self-sown sycamore provides an attractive canopy in the
summer, it is the wrong tree in the wrong place & should be removed, as sooner or
later it will damage the building. Unfortunately the alley is not wide enough for a
replacement tree.