47 Sunderland Avenue Oxford OX2 8DT

10 August 2020

Demolition of existing outbuilding. Erection of a single storey rear outbuilding. 

The Design & Access Statement says that the proposed garden building has a slate hipped roof & is timber clad to match the existing summerhouse it replaces. It does not mention that it is very large, about four times as big. The footprint is 16 x 7 metres, although that does include a 9 x 3 metre decking area. It is described as a gym, sauna & garden store but with services including a shower & 2 WCs it could easily be converted into an independent habitable dwelling. The location & block plan does not make it clear whether it has independent access. A giveaway about its possible intended use is that it is described as a residence in the D&AS. Planning permission should make it clear that it should not become a separate dwelling.