Ferry Hinksey Road And Osney Mead Oxford Oxfordshire OX2 0DP

11 August 2020

Provision of shared pedestrian and cycle path, alterations to signage and road markings, alterations to car parking and changes to junction.

It is not clear why the University is embarking upon this scheme now; it would not seem to be the highest priority for improvement of cycling facilities in the city, and Osney Mead is due for radical re-development in the not-distant future, which would likely render the current proposals abortive. In the application papers, the report: “Osney mead cycle facility section 4 and 5 drainage” is a huge file, which makes viewing online difficult and the document labelled “Das” consists of a single page, with no content. The design proposals do not appear to have been made in conformity to appropriate design guidance; in the prevailing circumstances, it is unnecessary to provide an on-footpath cycle track; the proposed cycle track is shown to undulate at every entrance to premises, rather than having a continuous grade, which will encourage cyclists to continue to use the carriageway, which will be narrowed, exacerbating the conflict between motor and bike traffic; the entry to Willow Walk possibly conflicts with the Equality Act and is a barrier for cyclists.  In conclusion: the presentation of the application documents is flawed and the proposals as currently designed are unacceptable.