20 Bradmore Road, Oxford OX2 6QP

10 August 2020

Demolition of existing garage. Erection of new garage and widening of site access (Amended plans) 

Improved in a way but still flawed ,  so a further letter of objection is valid (text below) . OPT have submitted a letter of objection this time around (they must have missed it originally), and Peter Howell (OAHS) has confirmed that he still objects. Whist the amended plans indicate a steeply pitched clay tile roof in lieu of the previously proposed , totally inappropriate, low pitched slate version, fundamental flaws still exist and are indeed exacerbated by the change. Being attached to the property, the proposed garage is too prominent, too far forward , and results in the need to destroy a significant feature of the Wilkinson and Moore side extension. Fully blocking the gap to the side of the property, it goes against the Conservation Area Appraisal, and should not be approved . An independent building, set back from the house, should be considered as the only acceptable option if the provision of such a large garage is deemed to be necessary. As stated in our previous letter, it would be desirable to re instate railings along the front boundary, rather than just remove small sections of the original brick wall.