375 Woodstock Road Oxford OX2 8AA

17 March 2020

Erection of single storey front extension. Alterations to fenestration rear elevation and 1no. window front elevation. Alterations to car parking and landscaping.

The proposals shown include the removal of a substantial area of grass, small hedges and 4 small, but established trees, all to be replaced with gravel (loose stone) hardstanding, on which parking for 8 cars is shown. The landscaping proposals are regrettable, and the arrangement of cars shown is clearly unacceptable on safety grounds, since several cars would need to reverse out of the driveway onto Woodstock Road. Consent to the proposals should be withheld until satisfactory details are provided of the intended number and disposition of car parking spaces, and access arrangements thereto. Consent should also be withheld pending provision of satisfactory details of bicycle parking provision, and storage facilities for waste and re-cycling bins.