1 Crescent Road Oxford OX4 2NZ

9 September 2020

Erection of part single, part two storey outbuilding.

We have concerns about this application for the following reasons: The drawings provided are unclear and do not place the proposed ‘annex’ alongside the existing house, which would enable proper scrutiny of its size vis a vis the main house. The location and design of the building seems to point to an independent dwelling with lounge, eating room, cloakroom and shower, double bedroom on first floor. The applicant has removed the kitchen in the revised elevations and sections drawing so the building can be classified as an ‘annex’. The block plan indicates its location at the end of the large garden belonging to the property, facing Marsh Road. Some indication of access to the ‘annex’ would be helpful: from the drawing this is at the Marsh Road aspect of the garden and not facing the main house. It would be very easy to create an independent entrance from Marsh Road. Some clarification on these points from the applicant would be helpful.