96 Ridgefield Road Oxford OX4 3DA

30 January 2020

Erection of a two storey rear extension. Formation of 1no. rear dormer in association with a loft conversion. 

There is a Design and Access statement included here, but it’s far too brief. Why are there as many kitchens as bedrooms (4 each?). Is this building used as flats (but there are no bathrooms and only 2 shower rooms, not all accessible unless through a bedroom and yet not ‘en-suite’) or an HMO? If either of these, then the appropriate application should be made. Given the extra accommodation planned and the number of possible occupants, where are the amenity areas, and space for wheelie bins and cycle storage? Who or what occupies the building at the bottom of the garden. Permission to go ahead should not be given until these matters have been settled.