5 Queen Street Oxford OX1 1EJ

30 January 2020

Display of 1no. internally illuminated hanging sign, 3no. internally illuminated fascia sings and 2no. internally illuminated ATM sign.

Metro bank feels at a disadvantage compared with longer established banks in the immediate neighbourhood of Carfax and seeks to change the situation by increasing the size and number of the visual announcements of their presence at this site. The Oxford Civic Society, however, doubts whether the proposed increase is needed to achieve this. The existing signage makes the bank obvious already and  does so in a way which compares favourably with some more garish and brash announcements from other establishments further west on Queen Street. We think that the proposal would  breach the line between acceptable commercial justification and visual intrusion. We commend the existing signage as admirably discreet and enhancing the impressiveness of the new building at this prominent site. Our conclusion is that the proposed signage would not enhance the character of the conservation area.