The Trout Inn 195 Godstow Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX2 8PN

29 October 2019

19/02637/LBC | Internal refurbishment of The Trout Inn consisting of replacement doors and entrances, installation of bookshelf displays and whiskey walls, formation of new waiter stations and host units, installation of fixed seating area and bar fittings. Alterations to external seating to south elevation, landscaping to include planters and associated external lighting, formation of screens either side of the disabled entrance, formation of metal archway with lantern attached to exsiting stone posts at car park entrance to west elevation, repair work to existing timber gate and posts to entrance of the bridge, repainting of all existing windows and doors, removal of external sign age and new advertisements signs to be installed. | The Trout Inn 195 Godstow Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX2 8PN

We reiterate our disappointment in the proposal for the replacement ‘post’ sign, which currently enhances the character of the institution as well as the street scene, with its attractive representation of the eponymous fish. The proposed replacement is boring and generic in simply using text, and would do nothing to preserve and enhance to local character. Consent to the replacement of this sign should be withheld.