The Trout Inn 195 Godstow Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX2 8PN

20 October 2019

19/02301/LBC | Erection of single storey extension to riverside elevation. Installation of floodlights. Replacement of kitchen doors, timber to main entrance and lobby doors. Installation of bookshelves, display units, fixed seating and bar fittings. Formation of waiter stations and host units. | The Trout Inn 195 Godstow Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX2 8PN

We object strongly to the proposed extension to the internal dining area, which would occupy the most prominent part of the site, and would destroy the continuity of the river terrace, and the iconic view from the nearby bridge. Minimal details for the proposed extension are supplied, but the design is clearly of no merit and has no relevance to the existing buildings or the setting. With regard to the signage, we object to the proposal for replacement of the free-standing post sign opposite the pub building (on the edge of the car park), on the grounds that it is unimaginative and boring in comparison with the existing sign, and would represent a deterioration of the character and heritage of the property and its setting. All of these issues raised have especial significance in view of the listed status of the pub and its widespread reputation as an icon of the city. Consent to this application should undoubtedly be refused.