Merton Field Merton Street Oxford OX1 4DX

27 August 2019

Demolition of existing pavilion and storage shed. Erection of pavilion.

We are supportive of the replacement of the inadequate and unattractive existing pavilion building with the proposed structure.  However, we would comment that in view of the sensitivity and beauty of the site, and the significance of the adjacent mature trees, it is disappointing that no graphic images representing the appearance of the proposed pavilion in its setting are available. No description or details are provided of how surface water (rainwater) disposal from the enlarged area of roofing is to be dealt with, and what the consequences of both the construction and the permanent operation of whatever drainage solution is to be adopted might be, in terms of disruption to tree root systems, grassed surfaces, archaeology and construction traffic. Likewise, it is apparent that considerably enlarged foul drainage installations are proposed, but no details are shown on plans, so it is impossible to assess the implications for the issues listed above. Foul sewage disposal is described as being by septic tank; septic tank installations incorporate discharge of semi-treated effluent into a ‘drain field’ for dissipation. It seems unlikely that this is really what is intended, but clarification is needed. In any event, it is clear that underground construction of significant drainage installations will be involved, and we would suggest that consent should not be granted until satisfactory detailed proposals are presented.