81 Wood Farm Road Oxford OX3 8PS

17 September 2019

Amalgamation of 1 x 1-bed flat and 1 x 3-bed flat into a single dwelling and change of use to a House of Multiple Occupation (Use Class C4). Retention of 1 x 1-bed ground floor flat (Use Class C3). (Amended plans and description) (Part retrospective).

Two aspects of our previous objection to permission being given for this retrospective application have been addressed:  the intended occupation and a reconfiguration of the ground floor so that no bedroom lacks direct access to a bathroom. However,  car-parking still remains a mystery:  in the new application form it is stated that no parking is provided.  However, in both the ‘proposed’ (retrospective) and ‘existing’ (ie in this case no longer existing) there is a space labelled ‘parking’, although no capacity is indicated. In addition, the space allocated to bicycles is not adequate either in capacity or delineation:  both are required these days, for good reason. Consent should be withheld until these issues are satisfactorily resolved.