8 Hollybush Row Oxford OX1 1JHs

28 May 2019

 Outline application (seeking approval of access, appearance, layout and scale) for the redevelopment of Public House (The Adventurer) with five storey building comprising collaborative office space, wet labs, office suites (Use Class B1), short stay (hotel) accommodation and 1 x 1-bed and 2 x 2-bed apartments (including private amenity space, bin storage and cycle parking).

We would question whether the intensive use of the site as outlined in the application in fact represents over-development: everything is so tightly packed in that there is, for example, no amenity area for Apartment 2. There is no dedicated area for waste disposal for the flats. The plans are highly complex, packing a number of different uses into a limited space: how will this work out?

The west-facing facade planned, whilst not unpleasant, is bold, especially if this area is given historic status in the near future. The contrast with everything around it is marked,