Oxford Spires Four Pillars Hotel Abingdon Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX1 4PS

28 May 2019

Formation of 4no. AC condensers to elevation A-A, 3no. AC condensers to elevation B-B, 2no. AC condensers to elevation C-C and 1no. AC condenser to elevation D-D.

Eastwyke House is a listed building and therefore subject to the need to ensure that any alterations, additions etc. are very carefully considered. Careful scrutiny of the proposed addition of AC condensers to the exterior of the building, and the accompanying structural work on the interior to ensure a corporate aim of air conditioning in all rooms suggests that an unimaginative and unattractive approach has been adopted: possibly the cheapest, but potentially the most damaging to the structure and integrity of the building and its surrounds. The Oxford Civic Society therefore recommends that this proposal be rejected as it stands.