Cherwell House 1 London Place Oxford Oxfordshire OX4 1BD

4 May 2019

 Replacement of existing aluminium windows with aluminium and PVC windows and doors in white finish. (retrospective)

This application is confusing. It is described as retrospective but the application form states that the work has not commenced.

Oxford Civic Society objects to the design of the front windows on the top three floors. The ground floor is almost entirely glass. The proposal is to replace plain windows above with windows divided by glazing bars. This is out of keeping with the style of the building and will not match the building’s windows to the west along the street to the side. From St Clements the side of the building can be clearly seen.

The St Clements Conservation Area assessment describes Cherwell House as not sitting comfortably in the streetscape and over-dominating nearby historic buildings. Its prominent position means that it is important to exercise extreme care in making any changes to the exterior. This ill-thought-out alteration will create visual confusion and worsen the existing impact.