16 Clive Road Oxford OX4 3EJ

4 May 2019

Erection of a single storey side and rear extension to create a 1 x 1-bed dwelling (Use Class C3). Provision of car parking and private amenity space.

The application gives no indication of the way it is intended to use the small dwelling proposed. There is a very small amenity area (approximately 25 m2) designated for the dwelling, yet there is also access to the rear amenity area of the original house in the south-west elevation of the new dwelling. Is it intended as an entirely separate unit or as part of accommodation for an extend family? The plans and elevations show no windows in the long elevations of the dwelling with small windows in the front and rear elevations.  The very small windows shown at right angles to the south-west elevation in a small set-back break in the wall will let very little light into the area designated as the lounge. This will make the living area unacceptably dark. The proposal for the bin and cycle storage for the 2 properties in a space approximately 2.7 m wide in front of the front door of the new dwelling is clearly unacceptable and the provision of adequate storage will necessitate using one of the car parking spaces. The building of this dwelling will also result in 2 properties with difficult access to the rear amenity areas. The Oxford Civic Society believes this is a poor design on a very small area and that it should be rejected.