304 London Road Headington Oxford OX3 8DJ

23 March 2019

Removal of existing garage and front porch. Erection of a part single, part two storey side extension and 2no. first floor rear extensions to create 2 x 1- bed dwellings (Use Class C3). Provision of amenity space, car parking, bin and cycle storage.

This property has a planning application history – the latest is a resubmission relating to 18/02561 withdrawn by the applicant. When viewing the current application it is noted that an application for an HMO licence at the property was refused (18/00266).

The new application is a significant development of an existing family home to provide an extension to the main building and the addition of two 2×1 dwellings. The applicant has now provided the sqm dimensions of the 21 flats which are 74.7 and 84.9, and while within NPPF guidelines the internal space is small.

OCS questions whether this is in fact over-development of a residential site that will see the demise of garden space, in favour of two additional parking spaces. Consideration should also be given to the question whether, what is de facto multi-occupation of an existing single family site, is above acceptable norms