295-301 London Road Headington Oxford Oxfordshire OX3 9HL

4 May 2019

 Outline application with all matters reserved apart from scale and access for the demolition of existing two storey building comprising offices at ground floor level and 2 x 1-bed flats at first floor level and its replacement with a three-storey building comprising eight flats (2 x 1-bed flats, 4 x 2-bed flats and 2 x 3-bed flats) along with access to the rear at the site (serving a car park belonging to the adjacent Sikh Temple). Provision bin and cycle storage and private amenity space.

For this outline application the main issue affecting the scale applied for seems to be the probable reduction in the number of parking spaces from 10 to 6 consequent upon the number of flats to be provided. The new building would provide 8 flats, with a potential need for up to 8 parking spaces for much of the time. The adjacent Sikh Temple is open and used from 06.00 to 20.00 every day, with heavier use at weekends. Parking spaces are necessary for those members of the Sikh community who are not local or with mobility problems.

As submitted, the design does not make clear the exact location of the temple in relation to the proposed new building with possible compromises of light and the peace and quiet necessary for a place of worship.