2 St Peter's Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX2 8AU

1 February 2019

Demolition of existing building at 2 St Peter’s Road. Erection of 3 x 3 bed dwellings (Use Class C3). Provision of car parking, private amenity space, bin and cycle storage. Repositioning and enlargement of existing drop kerb and enlargement of existing drop kerb. Erection of railings to property.

We are concerned at the loss of a post office and shop and note that it is less than 6 months since they closed. We would like to know how realistic the steps were in trying to market them as going concerns and whether there are alternative provisions within a reasonable distance. The application includes change of use from retail to residential and we would ask whether this is in accordance with the current local plan.

The existing building is not of any special merit and there is no objection to its demolition. The replacement by 3 houses each of 3 storeys seems an over-development of the site. The back gardens appear inadequate for the size of the houses. We ask that this and room sizes be checked