Rye St Antony School Pullens Lane Oxford Oxfordshire OX3 0BY

13 January 2019

 Demolition of existing humanities block adjacent to The Croft, and erection of a two storey six classroom block. Removal of 2no. car parking spaces.

Disabled access. Space has been left so that a disabled platform lift to lift can be installed at a later date but no timetable is given for this. Until then pupils with severe mobility problems will not be able to use the 3 classrooms on the first floor.

Toilets. The only toilet provision in the new building is one disabled toilet on the ground floor. There is one toilet in the existing classroom block for less than half the number of pupils. It is said there are more toilets in the Rendall building but the application does not say how many and how far away they are, nor whether there are more disabled toilets.

We note that the number of car parking spaces by the building has been reduced from 5 to 3.

Other car parking provision on the site is not mentioned & it is not said whether these the lost spaces will be replaced elsewhere.

These points need clarification.