British Telecom James Wolfe Road Oxford OX4 2PY

12 December 2018

 Variation of conditions 1(Planning Permission), 4(Student Accommodation Management Plan), 5(Retail and cafe uses), 11(Signage) and 14(Retail and café opening hours) of planning permission 18/00770/VAR to allow additional student rooms and additional cafe floor space. |

This is the latest variation (there have been many) of application 17/02140, for 865 bedrooms for OBU student accommodation just off Hollow Way, near The Slade junction. This variation adds two bedrooms (865 to 867) and deletes the ground floor café in favour of another retail unit. The transport assessment was based on 890 bedrooms, and architecturally the two additional rabbit hutches on the top floor make no significant difference. The two retail units on the ground floor are of about 150m2 and nearly 200m2, i.e. ‘convenience store’-sized; presumably Unite (the operators of the accommodation) believe that there is more prospect for students needing and using another shop, than a café in this isolated location. The variations requested do not seem to merit any objection.