9 Headley Way Oxford Oxfordshire OX3 0LP

4 December 2018

Conversion of dining/computer room and bedroom 2 to form 1 x 1 bed flat (Use Class C3). Provision of car parking, bin and cycle storage.

Permission has already been granted for the conversion of the built-in garage at this property to a bedroom and incorporated into the house. The flat proposed is very small and close to, if not below, the minimum space standards stipulated in Oxford City Council regulations. Oxford Civic Society considers that this must be checked prior to arriving at a decision. There is no discussion in the application of separate amenity space for the flat or for car and cycle parking. It would appear that it is proposed that the bins for waste and recycling for both the existing house and the new flat are to be situated below the flat’s kitchen window. We believe that this application cannot be approved unless fully satisfactory arrangements for these aspects of a new dwelling on the site are specified.