Millbank Mill Street Oxford Oxfordshire

8 February 2019

| Variation of legal agreement attached to planning permission 94/00413/NFZ (Erection of 2 buildings, part 3/part 4 storey, to provide 30 x2 bedroom flats. Alterations to existing access off Mill St to serve 30 parking spaces. Provision of riverside walk, landscaping & pedestrian/cycle access from Gibbs Crescent (Millbank, Mill Street)) to discharge clauses 3(3) and 3(4) from the S106 Agreement.

Oxford Civic Society would welcome the opportunity to comment on this application at this late stage. We cannot find it in the 2018 weekly lists for weeks 43 and 44 and therefore did not put in a comment at the time. We find the paperwork inadequate, as there is no location plan or block plan. A sketch map forms part of the supporting documentation but this is so unclear as to be impossible to analyse. This area is particularly sensitive at the moment because of the current application 18/03369/FUL at Gibbs Crescent. Suitable footpath access could have a major impact on the quality of life of current and future residents as well as the wider public. As it stands, it is not possible to make an informed comment on the application. Can we also point out that a comment from a resident of Millbank appears to have been attached to this application but looks as though it relates to 18/03369/FUL Gibbs Crescent? Is it possible for the planning department to address this?

We hope that you will take our comments into account before this application is decided.