Land Forming The Site Of Former Cold Arbour Filling Station 281 Abingdon Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX1 4US

23 November 2018

Outline application (seeking the approval of Access, Appearance, Layout and Scale) for the redevelopment of site to provide residential buildings containing 9 apartments.

It is unfortunate that no coordination of development proposals for this and the adjacent site to the east has been possible, since the site of this application is narrow and presents limited opportunity for an attractive development. As it is, the development of 9 homes including 10 parking spaces precludes provision of any reasonable amenity space and balconies set close behind and overlooking the boundary of one of Oxford’s busiest arterial roads cannot be regarded as an acceptable solution. Better design could be achieved with less dense development, or consideration could be given to a car-free development (the site is in close proximity to excellent public transport), but this is likely to be practicable only with the adoption of a Controlled Parking Zone in the neighbourhood. We would urge refusal of this application on the grounds of the over-development of the site and the consequent inadequate amenity space proposed.