72 Hurst Street Oxford OX4 1HF

22 October 2018

 Change of use of dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) to a House of Multiple Occupation (Use Class C4).

This application is seeking to reinstate the HMO licence that was revoked in 2017 (at the owners request). It is noted that work has already started on implementing any necessary changes, although the landlord states there are ‘no changes to use or existing layout’ of the internal space.

Currently the accommodation is occupied by 2 separate households; the landlord proposes to change the occupancy to 3 separate occupants. OCS believes there are three issues which should be taken account of when Council consider this application:

  • whether the level of HMO properties in this area is reaching (or exceeding) saturation;
  • what are the arrangements for cycle and refuse storage given the proposed rate of occupancy. There is no rear or side access and the front garden is small, currently accommodating two refuse bins and without bicycle racks;
  • the considerable parking pressures that exist in this area and a restricted issue of residents parking permits to this property.