8 Hollybush Row Oxford OX1 1JH

5 September 2018

Outline application (seeking the approval of access/appearance/layout/scale) for the redevelopment of Public House (The Adventurer) with four storey building comprising collaborative office space, wet labs, office suites, short stay (hotel) accommodation and 2 x 1 bedroom apartments (including private amenity space, bin storage and cycle parking).

Oxford Civic Society believe that the workmanlike plans and elevations could make a positive contribution to flexible space provision in this location as well as to the Hollybush Row streetscape.

However despite the description of the proposal (above), questions inevitably arise regarding the intensions of the ‘short-stay’ (hotel) accommodation; in addition, the application form proposes at ‘Section 4’  2 x 1 bedroom flats, whilst the plans and ‘Section 15’ indicate one two-bed flat and one one-bed flat. Oxford Civic Society suggest that clarification be sought on the former matter and correction on the latter.

In addition, the ‘Sensitive Development’ questionnaire identifies residential use as the only proposed use, whereas the drawings indicate laboratory facilities in addition to office accommodation. Oxford Civic Society suggests that the applicant be required to clarify the uses intended and that the City Planning Department satisfy themselves regarding any potential issues arising.