St Edward’s School Woodstock Road Oxford OX2 7NN

22 August 2018

Erection of 2.5 storey boarding house with House Master’s House tutor flat and associated facilities to accommodate 70 students (aged 13-18) in 55 bedrooms over three floors.

This application comes from a well – established institution that has made a number of successful developments in recent years. OCS think this application has been carefully thought through and will fit comfortably into the sequence of boarding house developments. The site selected relates well to the existing boarding accommodation on the western side of Woodstock Road. Also, it has minimal impact on the ample playing fields. However, the small loss of public amenity from the pitch sometimes used by a local junior team does require compensation as has been noted by Sports England. We urge the City Council to create a workable, useful and enforceable community use agreement to the benefit of local sports players and clubs.