Land To The Rear Of Trinity Court 4 Between Towns Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX4 3PP

22 October 2018

Erection of a three storey building to provide 3 x 2-bed residential apartments (Use Class C3). Provision of amenity space, car parking, bin and cycle stores and associated landscaping. (amended plans)

While OCS fully supports the building of housing wherever possible within the City, this application raises a difficult problem of balance between the need to maintain adequate parking at an existing high density flat development and the building of 3 new 2 bedroom flats.

The application has not demonstrated that the removal of the area of parking for visitors in Trinity Court will not impact parking for existing residents. Removal of the visitor parking may also impact car parking in adjoining streets. The OCS questions whether the gain of 3 small housing units satisfactorily balances the reduction in existing parking at Trinity Court, and therefore believes the application should be rejected.