Land To The Rear Of 53 St Clement's Street Oxford Oxfordshire OX4 1AG

2 July 2018

 Change of use from store to a flat (Use Class C3) to create a 1 x 1-bed flat. Provision of bin and cycle store and car parking.

 We object to this rather careless and amateurish application: the only windows in this plan are the shower, toilet and utility room. There is in fact no separate bedroom. There are French windows, but these open not onto ‘the garden’ as stated but right onto a small space containing the wheelie bins and cycle storage. It is stated that these doors are ‘wide enough for wheelchair access’ but the planned dwelling would be substandard anyway: even more so for a wheelchair-user. It is unclear as to whether the parking and wheelie-bin spaces are to be shared with the business at No 52, or anyone else.