40 Walton Crescent Oxford Oxfordshire OX1 2JQ

2 July 2018

 Notification for Prior Approval for a proposed change of use of a building from office (Class B1) to a fully residential property (Use Class C3) to provide 3 flats. This application is for determination as to whether prior approval of the Council is required and, if required, whether it should be granted. This application is assessed solely in respect of transport and highway impacts, contamination risks, flooding risks, impacts of noise from commercial premises on the intended occupiers of the development on the site. (Amended description)

Oxford Civic Society shares the concern of local residents that there should be proper provision for all the wheelie bins within the site of No 40 Walton Crescent. It is disappointing that the Oxford University Press, a highly regarded organisation, appears to be unconcerned about wheelie bins being left permanently on the footpath, causing obstructions for disabled people, mothers with prams and others. There is also the disfiguring effect that this practice has on what ought to be an attractive street scene. Whether or not this comment falls within the scope of the application we hope that the City will ask OUP to be a more considerate landlord and neighbour.