29A Cowley Road Oxford OX4 1HP

3 August 2018

  Alterations to shop front entrance including alterations to windows to front elevation.

This relatively modest change to a shop-front could better reflect the original ‘traditional’ pattern of Cowley Road. However, it is, in comparison with many other recent changes to shop-fronts, far from remarkable or notably disruptive.

There have been some comparatively recent changes to shop-fronts which are more sensitive to the architecture of Cowley Road – in terms primarily with regard to the built fabric behind and above street level, but in some cases also in terms of restoring or reflecting earlier shop fronts.

Oxford Civic Society believes that the balance of interests between local traders, users and visitors on this popular City artery should be better informed by effective policy guidance from the City Planners and we hope that the Local Plan now in preparation will include such guidance for key city streets.