244 Barns Road Oxford OX4 3RW

2 July 2018

 Change of use from Office Use (Use Class B1 (a)) to student accommodation (Use Class C2). Erection of 3rd floor extension to accommodate student accommodation and ancillary facilities. Insertion of 6no. windows and alterations to windows to north elevation. Insertion of 6no. windows and alterations to windows to south elevation. Insertion of solar panels to the roof. Erection of new fencing. Installation of external cladding. Alteration to door to window to west elevation. Provision of amenity space, cycle stores and bin stores and associated landscaping.  

This proposal is acknowledged to be in breach of policy relating to the protection of employment sites, and we find the justification presented unconvincing. Oxford has a pressing need for more affordable residential accommodation, but this proposal does nothing to address this need. There is evidence that regeneration in the area is increasing its advantages as an employment location, and the loss of relatively modern office accommodation would appear to be short-sighted, without making any positive contribution to the real needs of the city. We would suggest refusal of the proposed change of use.