| Site Of Millway Close Oxford Oxfordshire OX2 8BL

2 July 2018

Outline application with all matters reserved for the demolition of 31 garages and 3no. refuse stores. Erection of 23 new garages and 15 x 2-bed maisonettes above the garages over 3 storey’s. Erection of 3no. new refuse stores and 4no. new bikes stores for 26 bikes. Infill the gaps between the existing flats with the erection of 6 x 1-bed flats.

 Whilst supportive of the principle of the need to provide more housing, and of increasing the density of residential accommodation within the city, we consider that this proposal is unacceptable because of the proposed height and massing of the new development, and its relationship to the existing and retained residential properties. The proposed buildings would seriously compromise the light and amenity of the properties which are to be retained, and we would urge refusal of the application