Land Adjacent Summertown Church Hall Portland Road Oxford OX2 7EZ

2 July 2018

 Variation of condition 4 (TRO) and 6 (SUDs Parking) and Removal of condition 5 (Parking Permits) of planning permission 17/02750/VAR (Variation of Condition 7 (Cycle Parking Provision) of planning permission 16/02177/FUL.) to allow amendments to the TRO and parking control.

Planning permission was only given on condition that the previous scheme would  adher to these conditions, with good reason because the relevant end of Portland Road is heavily used all day and into the evening by local shoppers and office workers, as well as by users of the local nursery school and those who use the church, and the three local church halls. OCS propose that this last minute request should not be entertained.