18/00796/FUL & 18/00798/LBC

50 Church Way Oxford Oxfordshire OX4 4EF

22 April 2018

Erection of a porte cochere, reinstatement works and landscaping.

This house is described as “a Regency style stucco Villa in the classical tradition, unique in Iffley Village”. The proposed restoration of the giant temple-like classical order and entablature on the north west facade is an unusual move. The detail of the originals that were removed some time in the 20th Century has not been precisely identified but it is argued on behalf of the applicant that the proposed action would assist appreciation of the significance of the historic building. It would certainly increase the grand appearance of the house. We note that the council’s conservation officer has not as yet expressed any view on this move. More troublingly, the proposal to erect a porte cochere, in fact a discreet form of a car port, would involve work that could interfere with the significant nearby tree. We regard it as essential that the detailed careful precautions advised in the arboricultural report attached to the application should be rigorously adhered to: this should be conditioned, if consent is to be given.