Playground Rear Of 22-28 Bracegirdle Road Oxford OX3 8RJ

18 March 2018

Demolition of existing side extension to No. 22 Bracegirdle Road and Formation of new vehicular access. Erection of 3 No. single storey buildings to create 2 x 1-bed and 2 x 2-bed residential retirement dwellinghouses (Use Class C3). Alterations to landscaping, provision of bin and cycle stores to each dwelling and provision of car parking.

The proposed use of this neglected landlocked area of former small park is acceptable and would add modestly to the provision of accommodation suitable for elderly people. But the proposed plan leaves the whole area dominated by the four single storey bungalows and their associated vehicle access and parking spaces, leaving very little space for even a few blades of grass. We suggest that this amounts to over-development and that a better solution might be to delete the bungalow on Plot 2 leaving more amenity space and avoiding a sense of being crowded together for the remaining plots.