37 Perrin Street Oxford OX3 7AS.

18 March 2018

Change of use from dwelling house (Use Class C3) to House in Multiple Occupation (Use Class C4) Insertion of 1no. door to rear elevation.

This application proposes two parking spaces for residents: but access to the garage for cycle parking as proposed is impossible. The communal (as opposed to the small private lawn area accessed through only one of the units, or through a very narrow and inaccessible space) ‘amenity’ area will be used for bins, but this means that there is no room in the amenity area for parking. There is a narrow passage leading to the ‘amenity area’ which the application cites as available for parking but if the proposed two cars are parked end to end in this narrow passage then there is no room for wheelie bins or bicycles to be extracted to the roadside. This application should be refused.