24 Clive Road Oxford OX4 3EJ

29 September 2017

Erection of part single part two storey front and side extension, erection of first floor rear extension and erection of garden outbuilding to be used as store room/play room.|

The large extension proposed in the application will, if the plans are drawn accurately, restrict access to the rear garden to a very narrow path approximately 0.375 m wide, which will result in large items being carried through the house. This is undesirable and indicates over development of the site.

The large garden room proposed also extends to within 0.5 m of the side fences, making access for maintenance difficult. We question the need for a bathroom containing a shower on a building designated as a Store/Play Room/Computer Room.

We believe the application will result in over-development of the site and should be rejected. If the garden building is approved it should be with the restriction that it is not used as living accommodation.