10 - 12 Friars Entry Oxford Oxfordshire OX1 2BY

29 September 2017

Change of use to create an outdoor seating area including installation of freestanding furniture and umbrellas and freestanding timber barriers.

Friars Entry is an important and busy pedestrian thoroughfare linking Magdalen St West with the Gloucester Green and the Bus Station,  Despite its importance, it is a rather neglected public space. It is narrow and shaded by tall buildings.

he applicant has applied for change of use to create an outdoor seating area with freestanding umbrellas and timber barriers. The application conjures up a picture of a Continental style outdoor eating space at odds with the location and our climate. It would probably mainly be used by smokers. The Design and Access statement mentions 6 tables and 24 chairs but the proposed elevation shows only 5 tables and 20 chairs. The tables could only be serviced by crossing the busy pedestrian thoroughfare as the restaurant/bar is on the other side of Friars Entry.

The application points out that there are unattractive empty concrete planters. They would add to the street scene if attractively planted and maintained. The large commercial waste bins are an eyesore and should be removed. The empty planters and unsightly bins, which should not be there anyway, should not be used in support of the application.

The reasons given for refusing the 17.9.2015 application for seating on the other side of Friars Entry are equally valid for this application, which should be refused