The Old Fire Station, George St Oxford OX1 2AQ

9 October 2017

The Old Fire Station Display of 1no. externally illuminated fascia; 2no. externally illuminated hanging signs and 1no. externally illuminated banner.

The more effective advertisement of this facility is an admirable goal but the present proposals seem   excessive to need and certainly to visual amenity in the street and Gloucester Green. To add a third sign to the two (to be replaced) already in position in George Street is unnecessary and simply adds to visual clutter in the street. The banner proposed to be erected in Gloucester Green is very large and garish in its startlingly bright red background. It may be argued that we are describing the character of successful advertisements the purpose of which is to attract attention, but there is also a modicum of restraint and sensitivity to be applied, which is the function of planning control. We recommend some modification of these proposals.